Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth

Prenatal yoga is a great way to relax and relieve tension during pregnancy and it can also help to alleviate some of the physical stresses associated with growing your little bubba. It is a fantastic way to prepare for birth by building strength and practicing poses to help with optimal fetal positioning. During the class you will learn yoga positions and breathing techniques which many women find invaluable during birth. Also those who practice yoga before birth usually find their bodies recover more quickly from pregnancy and the birth. It’s an hour of you time to put aside all the other stuff and connect with your baby. Your physical and emotional wellbeing will benefit and you will develop techniques to use during birth. Relax, enjoy and get the oxytocin flowing.

Pregnancy & Birth Yoga Evenings (Currently online only)

Classes run Wednesday & Thursday evenings and are suitable for all from the 12th week of pregnancy. It’s a perfect midweek pampering; stretch out, relax, unwind and hopefully get an amazing night’s sleep afterwards.

From £8 per session
booked in blocks

Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth Maternity Leave Drop-in (Currently online only)

A Thursday morning pay as you go class for those waiting for baby. Suitable for all but with a specific focus on the third trimester. Lots of relaxation techniques, plenty of time for discussion about how you’re feeling about your birth and life with a baby.

£10 per session
pay as you go

Preparing for Birth Pamper Weekend Retreat (currently on hold due to covid)

An extra special treat suitable for any stage of pregnancy. A morning of pregnancy-focused pampering: 60 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of hypnobirthing relaxation, and a different birth related activity; some weeks we make labyrinths, some weeks we blend essential oils and some weeks we bead with crystals. Then there’s lunch & plenty of time to chat about babies and birth. Every session we mix up loads of oxytocin and some amazing birthy vibes.

£50 for 4 hours,
includes lunch

Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth Taster Session

If you’re not sure whether this is the class for you then you’re welcome to come along to a free mini taster session

Taster sessions run twice a month on Saturday at 9am currently on Zoom, booking essential

1:1 pregnancy yoga

1:1 pregnancy yoga is available at a time to suit you, the cost is £45 per hour or ten sessions for £400. Please get in touch for more information.

£45 per hour
10 sessions £400

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga is a gentle way to help your body recuperate from pregnancy and birth. In class, we work on re-establishing your core strength and protecting the pelvic floor as well as loosening some of the new mum tension across the back and shoulders. Before you join the class we’ll have a chat about your birth so that I can ensure that I can give you options that are right for your postnatal journey.

Mum & Baby Yoga & Lunch (currently online only so sadly no lunch)

Thursday morning is a chance for mum to do some gentle postnatal recovery work whilst the babies are entertained watching you and doing a little bit of baby yoga themselves. It’s a great way to spend an hour interacting and bonding with baby but most importantly doing something for yourself.
We have to be realistic; you might get an hour of yoga in, you might get half an hour and a feed and / or a bum change, but that doesn’t matter, after the yoga bit I’ll make you lunch and everyone can have a chat, if we’re lucky there might even be a few sleeping babies by that point!

From £8 per session

Mums only postnatal recovery

This is a 10 week programme to help you gently restore, recover, rehabilitate and rebuild. Our first priority is restoration; pregnancy and birth are hugely demanding on our bodies’ resources, it’s as if all the puzzle pieces have been thrown in the air and we have to put all the pieces bag together. Restoration is the equivalent of finding the corner pieces of the puzzle, we can do that by learning to connect with our breath and waking up the pelvic floor. The result is reduced stress, anxiety and tension and accelerated healing as a result of the increased blood flow.

Phase 2 is recovery, the aim of which is to ease exhaustion and increase mobility in the shoulders, spine and hips, all of which are often incredibly tense in the early postnatal period. We’ll gently repeat a small range of dynamic movements for these muscle groups and by doing so ensure that everything else gets a little work out too.

Next, we move on to rehabilitation, awakening the muscles and improving energy levels by getting the blood and oxygen flowing to every corner of the body. There is still a focus on the relieving tension in the back, shoulders, chest, hips and hamstrings which often continue to be areas of tightness.

Finally, and having worked through the first phases, we are ready to move onto the rebuilding phase; increasing the range of movement and using our body weight as a form of progressive overload.

10 Week Course from £80

Mums Only Weekend Retreat (currently on hold due to covid)

An opportunity for new mums to have some well-deserved time out. 90 minutes of yoga and deep relaxation followed by a yummy brunch. Mums don’t do anything apart from chill out. Some might see it as a little bit of an indulgence but I see it as a new mum necessity.

£30 for 2.5 hours
includes lunch

1:1 Postnatal yoga

1:1 postnatal yoga is available at a time to suit you, the cost is £45 per hour or ten sessions for £400. Please get in touch for more information.

£45 per hour
10 sessions £400

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