Sarah is a fantastic doula.
She is down to earth, easy to get along with, knowledgable, respectful, reliable and a great support.

One of the reasons I chose a doula was due to a bad birth experience with my first child, which ended up with an episiotomy and forceps. This time, with the help of Sarah, I had a natural birth. Sarah spent time talking through my previous birth experience and made me believe that I would be able to have a natural vaginal birth this time. Sarah also wanted to make sure that my wishes were met and put my needs first. She for instance made sure that I was taken to the Midwife led unit this time. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a doula.


My first born was due towards the end of February. I had what you’d call a relatively smooth pregnancy up until 26 weeks when it all began to spiral of my control, I was sent for numerous scans and tests purely for hitting NHS trigger points. I found my care was disjointed and it wasn’t personalised. At this point I decided I needed to regain some control. My husband and I decided on a home birth and whilst exploring my choices within this I came across the term “doula”. My first thoughts? Nope my birth journey is about my husband and I. I simply didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

As I got further into my pregnancy, and after continuing to hear about how highly recommended and invaluable they are we decided to look into hiring one. And that’s how we met Sarah. From the first contact I felt empowered, like we had someone on our side, and that this person would be invaluable to exploring our choices and gently guiding and supporting us through this journey.

Sarah is such a beautiful soul. She truly cared for myself my husband and my baby. All the little touches were so appreciated the help finding a pool, text and phonecall support, the kind words and encouragement, the toolkit during birth of things to help, the breastfeeding guidance, the card and a meal and mainly..the belief in us and fostering that belief in ourselves.

Sarah has such knowledge about the subject of birth and at no point did I feel she was taking us down a certain path. It was very evident that she would support my choices and help me explore my options, whatever they were. There was no pressure, no pushing, just love.

Her passion is evident, as is her love for the whole journey of pregnancy, birth and post partum. I feel so lucky to have met her and for her support with for the beautiful birth of our gorgeous daughter and all the emotional support and developing our knowledge around pregnancy, birth and mother/fatherhood. She truly inspired, encouraged and helped me to have the birth I dreamed of.
Alexandra Crewe

My first child was born prematurely and my partner, son and I were very much at the mercy of the medical system for more than two months until we were discharged from hospital.

When I got pregnant with our second child I knew I wanted a natural birth with as little intervention as possible. I wanted an active home birth with the option of giving birth in water. My only concern was the lack of continuity of care from the NHS and the risk of being pushed into medical intervention.

I wanted someone there at birth – in addition to my partner – who had been with me on the journey and knew what I wanted. Someone who could hold my hand or be there to tell the midwives to mind their own business if necessary.

I got Sarah and that made all the difference. Thanks to Sarah I had the continuity of care I wanted and the confidence to go through with exactly the beautiful birth experience I had wished for. Now, I know that for some women the idea of a home birth without chemical pain relief sounds terrifying. Rest assured, you do not need to be a hippy to benefit from having a doula. A good doula, such as Sarah, can help you get the birth experience YOU wish for. She can support you and your partner, whether at home or in hospital. She can let you be completely in the moment and she will be a familiar face at birth.

I could not have been happier with the support Sarah offered my family and me when my daughter was born. I would recommend her to any family looking for a doula.”


Sarah found me on a homebirth page making a plea for advice, to say I was under informed, confused, scared, and completely dreading my birth was an understatement! With an anxious nature and feeling out of my depth I had let myself be convinced that hospital water birth was the best place for my first baby. So I booked into QMC and dreaded the travel, parking, the being sent home and the main event … the birth day!! In my heart I wanted to curl up at home and face what trauma was about to hit me and hope I survived without anxiety hitting me hard as a few mum.

Sarah answered my plea for information about home births and from that moment it was like opening Christmas present after present. Every query or question I had Sarah answered with patience and love. Sarah didn’t force her opinions like the medical staff surrounding me, only gave me information so I could make my own informed choices.

I quickly felt like I needed to own my birth and pulled up my socks and booked a home birth assessment. That’s it we were on our way!

Sarah supported me every step of the way and truly went above and beyond for me with love and advice and I had my pool from Sarah, which was just amazing!

She took the time to sit with me and chat like a friend and I felt so loved and supported, made the last few weeks of my pregnancy feel amazing! To top it all I now had my own birth plan with my choices and I was feeling excited.

Sarah sat with me and made personalised birthing and latent bead bracelets which were absolutely amazing on the birth day. I can’t recommend them highly enough. The making of them felt like preparing for something special and being aware of areas I needed support. Then when the labour started I knew I had something there that I had prepared and was able to seek comfort in. When we finally slipped on the birthing bracelet on my opposite wrist after 30hrs of latent labour, I felt like I had earned it, but also excited as I knew this signalled the best bit, getting to meet my baby and my body being amazing enough to birth her naturally and comfortably. I fiddled with my bracelets in between contractions and tried to recall the powers of each gem. My husband also run his fingers over them when I was in my final stages and for me that was such a comforting feeling, our connection, and also that he was there reminding me of the support I had there for me.

My labour was truly incredible and started at 40+4. I prepared my birth plan thanks to the information and links from Sarah. My midwives read and fully supported my wishes and I had my gorgeous daughter 36 hrs later.

I’m so so so proud to say I had my daughter at home, in the pool with no pain relief what so ever! Our pulses didn’t change throughout the labour and calm mummy helped a calm baby into the world . The midwives were astounded even when birthing her head her heart rate didn’t rise. As she came into the water eyes open all content, my husband lifted her to the surface and she just lay with us cooing, no cries, she was just so happy and calm.

I can only attribute that to the preparation of our birth and I lay my hat at Sarah’s feet for empowering me to have the birth I wanted. Without her help and support I can only imagine what our birth story would have been like, but I’m so thankful that it was perfect and magical and the best journey of my husband and my life!

One of the first people I had to tell was Sarah and again the love that came from Sarah had no limits. She truly is the most inspirational and loving person I have met and instantly feels like family. Her positivity and love is infectious!!!

Since having my daughter she has been there checking up on me, offering advice and pointing me in positive directions for further help or advice. Sarah has such a passion for everything mummy and baby.

I’m very grateful for everything and for Sarah’s extensive knowledge and help and I can’t recommend Sarah’s doula services highly enough. It will be compliment to your pregnancy and birth.

Tracey Clipsham-Brown

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