The Ultimate Birth Preparation Course;
Antenatal Education with a difference

Whether this is your first baby or you have had one or more babies before, this course will completely change your outlook on birth. It is not just about making friends with some people who will have a baby around the same time as you, finding out about how to recognise the signs of labour or what the risks / benefits of an epidural are. That stuff is in there for sure, but there's more, more you need to know, more I wish I'd known. The things I'd go back and tell the first, second, third, fourth, fifth time mum I was, even when I was really confident and thought I knew so much, there was more. There's also some stuff that's not learning, it's about looking at birth and parenting differently, recognising that, wow, this is all pretty amazing, and it's definitely more than getting a baby out.

6 Modules taught online or in person (click or see below for more information):

More than just teaching & learning:

  • This is practical and engaging course with lots of activities and interaction so you learn, remember and, most importantly, can use your knowledge during your birth.
  • You will make some amazing memories and keepsakes, because preparing for your birth should be fun and enjoyable, like wedding dress shopping or trip-of-a-life-time planning
  • Find friends, feel supported, boost your confidence, and realise how awesome you really are.

Online Groups (min 2 max 6)

6 x Evenings 7pm - 9:30pm or
6 x Saturdays 10am – 11:30am


In Person Groups in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire NG32 (min 2 max 4)

2 x Saturdays 9:30 - 16:00

£245 (includes breakfast, lunch & drinks)

One to one, in your home, in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire NG32 or Online

10 x hours days, eves or weekends

from £400

Prices include all course materials and resources, including an ethically sourced rebozo and birth story beads, as well as on-going support from me via text and email and a 15% discount on any Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth course.


From conception to 14 weeks

Come along and join one of our fortnightly groups to chat about and share your experiences of the early days of pregnancy. Many people feel they cannot tell friends and family that they are pregnant until they have had their 12 week dating scan but the early weeks can be a time when the physical and emotional symptoms of pregnancy are most acute and not having a support network to share and discuss this with is really tough.

Whether you have severe pregnancy sickness, are exhausted, anxious, excited or all of the above come to chat, share and learn some techniques to help you through the early days.

One payment of £25 secures a life time pass to as many early weeks classes as you would like to attend.

Classes run fortnightly
7pm - 8pm
including refreshments.

Please book in advance so that I make enough cake!

Currently on Zoom

Sprinkling Some Magic on your Birth Journey

Bespoke 1:1 Antenatal Education

If you would like to prepare for birth in the comfort of your own home on a one to one basis I can put together a package just for you. My hourly rate is £50 per hour including travel and all learning materials, please contact me here for more details

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The Ultimate Birth Preparation Course Modules

Below you’ll find a brief explanation of what we cover in each session but because our groups, both online and in person, are small, I can get to know everyone and tailor our classes so they are just right for you.

The Physiology of Birth

Find out how the human body works when it comes to giving birth – you need to know what happens when we shut off our 21st century brain and let our mammal brain take over. Once you learn what and how your body manages the birth process you can start to understand how to work with it – and this is the game changer.

We’ll answer questions like: When and how does labour start? What are contractions and how do they work? What is cervical effacement and dilation? How does your cervix open? How the stages of labour are defined and what happens in each? How does my baby actually get out? What is normal when it comes to contractions? What does the ring of fire feel like? What’s going on with the placenta? What does it feel like to push?

Magic Oxytocin

Discover the hormone cocktail that your body creates in the last weeks of pregnancy, during birth and in the early weeks of parenting. Understand how these hormones work with your body and baby to make birth happen and how you can help your body mix copious quantities of this special cocktail.

We’ll answer questions like: What is oxytocin and why is it so awesome? What other hormones are released during birth and why are they important? How can I get the oxytocin flowing? What might inhibit the release of oxytocin? When and why adrenaline is a birth baddie and when is it a goodie?

Brilliant Birth Partners

Pulling together what you’ve learnt so far on the physiology of birth and magic oxytocin this session is filled with loads of ideas about how your birth partner can support you practically and emotionally before, during & after birth.

We’ll answer questions like: How can I help to prepare my partner for birth? What should I know in advance? Is there anything we can practice before the birth? What practical tasks can I keep busy with during birth? What can I do when I feel a bit like a spare part? What happens if I'm not at the birth?

Medical Interventions & How to Navigate the System

Get to grips with how medical interventions impact physiological birth, the positives and the negatives, but crucially, how, by understanding their impact, we can benefit from the positives and take steps to offset the negatives - win win!

We’ll answer questions like: When to call the midwife / hospital? What happens when I see the MW for the first time when I'm in labour? What medical interventions will be offered and when? Why and how might I decline medical interventions? What chemical pain relief options are available and how might they impact my birth? What is induction of labour and is it really horrendous? What happens in caesarean & assisted births? How can I make decisions during labour when interventions are offered?

Feeding your Baby

You may have already decided how you would like your baby or you may be unsure, but there’s more to this than breast or bottle and it’s a really good idea to understand what’s going on when it comes to feeding your baby before they are born. This workshop explores your feeding choices as well as practical tips, details of where to find support and information about how your baby communicates their feelings on how feeding is going!

We’ll answer questions like: How will I know my baby is hungry? How often do I need to feed my baby? How will I know my baby is getting enough milk? What support is there for my feeding choices? How do I breastfeed / bottle feed? Is breastfeeding hard? What is 'normal' feeding behaviour? How do I choose the right formula?

Life with a New-born

When we’re pregnant we focus a lot on birth and on making sure we’ve bought the right kit for when baby arrives, but there’s perhaps less work going into the research about what life will be like with a newborn, what you’d like your new baby experience to be like and what your choices are. This workshop helps you to plan your babymoon.

We’ll answer questions like: How much sleep is normal? Why might my new baby cry? What is normal in new-born’s nappy? How often do I need to bath my baby? What's going on with the belly button? When will the bleeding stop? What are the baby blues? How do I deal with huge boobs?