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Sarah Budden
Sarah Budden...
Mum of 5, doula, teacher, Chartered Accountant in my life PB (pre birth). I have spent the last 10 years reading, living, seeing and doing birth and what I’ve learnt is that we, women, are amazing. Birth is our moment and we have a right to a positive birth experience regardless of how we choose to birth or whatever curve balls are thrown our way.

Every day I hear stories about difficult birth experiences. Mums and their partners talk to me about how they felt poorly treated, that they’d failed, that their birth was out of control or traumatic, that they didn’t feel consulted, or allowed, or listened to, or loved and this is completely unacceptable. People are carrying these stories into the early days of parenthood and they are still affected by them ten, twenty years later which is so very sad and completely unnecessary.

My job is to support parents on their birth journey so that they feel confident, in control, allowed, loved and, however they reach their destination, they reflect on it feeling triumphant.